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Buying forex in India has never been easier! From Business travellers to students looking to study abroad to leisure travellers, EBIXCASH World Money India Forex makes sure your forex requirements are met with the best rates no matter what your reason for travel.

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If you think or worried about that selling forex will be a hassle, rest your worries on us. EBIXCASH World Money India has the simplest process of exchanging your left over currency leaving you to get back into your routine chores. And most importantly, you can opt for cash or cheque while selling forex as per your convenience.

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EbixCash World Money India offers the safest way to carry foreign currency on your travel abroad – so you are never inconvenienced during your trip.

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We offer outward Money Transfer / International Remittances (originating from India to across the world). Customers can send money depending on the purpose for which they want to transfer funds for various purposes.

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EbixCash World Money India offers customized solutions to students looking to study abroad which allow all their foreign currency, travel card, Travellers Cheque and air tickets needs to be met under one roof itself.

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Often, foreign ships travel through India and dock their vessels at various ports / harbors in the country. One of the major requirements during such temporary stays, is that of FCY Cash that has to be made available to the Captain of the Ship for covering Crew wages or for other expenses on board the ship.

These requirements are usually met through a facility called “Cash to Master”. To collect this cash, the Captain of the Ship has to approach the branch with his passport and a duly filled up application form.

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  • Employment & Emigration: Remittance for purpose of employment, employment processing fees, emigration/emigration consultancy fees, skills/credential assessment fees for intending migrants, etc.
  • Conferences and Competitions: Fee for participation in global conferences, specialized training, international events and competitions.
  • Tours and Travels: Remittance by tour operators/travel agents to overseas agents/hotels, remittances towards travel arrangements such as accommodation based on the request of the traveller (in case of personal travel), or based on the request of the corporate on account of its employees travelling abroad for business purposes.
  • Registration/Visa fees: Visa fees, processing fees for the registration of documents as required by the governments, registration/subscription/membership fees to international organizations.
  • Others: Medical treatment, film shooting, etc.

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Whatever the purpose you’re travelling for, insurance protection for yourself and your family doesn’t need a second thought. EBIXCASH World Money India’s uniquely designed insurance plans, offer coverage against the many risks involved in international travel.

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